The Expatrium


This overall concept focuses on the well being of Belgium’s Expatriate Community, encompassing a wide range of cultural, social and commercial advantages for expats in the aim of building an interdependent common ground. There is no joining fee and the registration process could not be simpler: just go to

A brilliant idea


The Expatrium informs expats on all matters local (events, museums, conferences, news, shows…) and gives its members access to carefully selected, quality partners playing a key role in the country’s economy: insurance companies, bank cards, healthcare…  Additionally, the Expatrium also focuses on leisure with many advantages in health and sports clubs, travel, well-being products, green transportation, etc.

Within this framework, every partner wants to offer the Expatrium Members a specific, exclusive advantage on their products or services (discount, extra personalised service, gift…).

Members will access these deals in one of two ways

  1. Via the Expatrium's website, a clear and friendly Internet website that opens onto Belgium’s entire expatriate community and presents some fabulous deals.
  2. In the Expatrium offices. Nestling at the heart of the European quarter in the gallery of the magnificent, recently opened Hotel Thon, you will find an agreeable space gathering several of our partners who will be delighted to give you personalised advice over a nice cup of coffee.

Let us also mention that the Expatrium is strongly linked to Constellatys aisbl. Constellatys aisbl aims to contribue effectively to the full, happy and sustainable integration of Expatriates in their host country, in particular Belgium and Luxemburg (with a specific focus on staff & their families, active, trainees and retired, of the European Institutions, International organizations, the Diplomatic and Consular Corps as well as the European and International Schools).

Constellatys aisbl

Amongst its main tasks, the aisbl will involve its members actively in the local community; it will promote solidarity activities; it will organize its own events, social, cultural and sports in order to raise funds to support charitable projects and will make every effort in order to offer its members various benefits of a cultural, social or economic nature.

Constellatys aisbl chose the Expatrium to organize its events, as well as to undertake all necessary commercial actions targeted to its social purpose.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
Weekends on appointment