Insurance & Lease Guarantee

Korfine is a service group active in the real estate industry since 1994. More specifically, Korfine develops products, services and tools for estate agents to help their customers and assist them in providing a professional service level.

A network of over 1,800 estate agents makes daily use our products and services. The professional service and security they offer their customers represents a significant added value to the profession of estate agent.

The range of insurance products will be further extended through our new partnership with ERGO LIFE. Ergo is a subsidiary of Munich Re, the largest reinsurer in the world and belongs to the ERGO group which also includes insurers such as DKV and DAS. ERGO group is a leading insurer in the European market and has a personal approach focused on the customer.

The ERGO group operates in no less than 30 countries and has over 40 million customers.

A solution for each situation

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, buyer or seller, Korfine offers you a perfect solution for your situation. Our product range offers amongst other security deposit solutions and legal protection for property owners.

  • Rental insurance
  • Civil legal protection
  • Lease guarantee & lease reserve

Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
Weekends on appointment