EPB Certification in Brussels


Why EPB certification ?

If you sell an apartment or a house on the Brussels Capital Region you are required since 1st May 2011 to obtain an EPB certificate for your property.

If you are renting out an apartment or a house on the Brussels Capital Region you will be required from 1st November 2011 to obtain an EPB certificate for it.

What is EPB certification ?

It is like an official energetic identity card.

You will need to reference the information contained on this certificate: Energy class and annual CO2 emissions, on advertisement of your property. You also must supply a copy of this certificate to any potential buyer.

The original of this certificate must be issued to the final purchaser of your property.

How the energy class of my house is calculated?

Energy class is the primary energy consumption divided by the gross surface area of the building. This result is expressed in kWhPE/m²/year.

The total energy consumption of the building expressed as primary energy (kWh / year) is established on the basis of occupation, indoor climate and standardized weather conditions. Standardized indoor climate assumes that the house/apartment provides a level of comfort (temperature, air quality) equivalent to a new house/apartment. This takes into account consumption of the heating, the hot water, the auxiliaries (CMV, ventilation, ...) and, eventually, the cooling. It does not take into account the electricity consumption for electrical equipment or lighting.

It adds value to the production of thermal energy resulting from solar panels but also the production of electrical energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels.

What is the validity duration of an EPB certificate ?

The EPB Certificate is valid for 10 years unless you make renovations and you decide to sell or rent your property. In this case, you need to apply for a new certification that will take into account improvements that you have made.

What is the purpose of Energy Performance of Buildings Certificate ?

The EPB certificate brings more transparency in real estate transactions. It provides better information for prospective buyers or tenants on the energy performance of property and enables them to compare different properties objectively.

The certificate also includes a series of recommendations which aim to generate energy savings. It is a positive side for the environment (effort against climate change) and for your budget.

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