Where to live in Brussels?

Have you just arrived in Brussels?

You may be overwhelmed by the idea of finding a place to rent & many aspects can be intimidating.  What location, contracts, surveys, etc.

First step, where do I want to live?  Brussels is a relatively small city but full of diversity.  We’ve put together a small list of areas popular with expats.

Brussels city center

Many popular areas such as Place Saint-Gery, Place Sainte-Catherine, Sablon.  Ideal if you want to be in the heat of the action with great public transport.


Central, dynamic and residencial.  Adjacent to the European Institutions.  Merode is a popular area next to the Jubilee Park.


Central and eclectic, home to the very popular Chatelain area but also the more central area around Place Stephanie (Metro Louise).


Ideal location close to the Thalys and Eurostar, a vibrant area with some beautiful architecture.

Woluwé Saint-Pierre

Very residential and green yet close to the centre, a family oriented area with good public transport.

Auderghem & Boitsfort

Two areas with easy commuting out of the city.  Great for nature and sport lovers who want to access the Forêt de Soignes for a walk, a bike ride or a jogging.

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