Sustainable Development

beWhat is the purpose of a "sustainable" building?

It is a building that meets four objectives: water management, waste management, energy saving and consumables, and finally put forward comfort, health and renewable materials. For this, we do not use new technologies, we bring together existing ones to better respond to new environmental requirements.

What equipment can meet these criterias?

In terms of saving energy, 12m² photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof to supply electricity to common parts of building.  A system for recovering rainwater feeds the health networks, to ensure compliance with the the environment, garbage bins containing three compartiments allows the sorting of waste & traditional materials are promoted as natural fibers or hardwood floors in the living farming. To ensure comfort and optimum living environment for residents, we set up an isolation effective in reducing noise pollution, many green spaces are designed, and we manage the air handling system.

This type of habitat is it the preferred choice for individuals?

Potential buyers are initially a bit concerned by the techniques which they are accustomed, but they quickly come to the evidence by considering saving water and electricity in the homes feasible. One can indeed reduce 8-15% of energy expenditure. In addition, selling prices are not higher than a normal apartment, so for them it is doubly beneficial as an investment profitable and consistent with the environment.

The trend "bio-habitat" is it called to generalize to all buildings to come?

These new homes are quite heavy to implement and also very expensive for developers, this approach is therefore a long-term development.

We offer rental apartments ecological quality designed for the comfort of occupants and try to minimize the ecological footprint of the buildings we promote.

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