Garbage Collect

Recycling is the first step to reducing waste.  It is a small, easy but essential step to minimizing your ecological footprint.

here are a few basics on recycling in brussels

  • The white bags are for all types of litter
  • The blue bags are for recycling PMC (metalic cans, Tetra-Pack and plastic bottles)
  • The yellow bags are for paper and cardboard

White, blue and yellow bags are available in most supermarkets and deli’s.

You can find out when waste is removed in your street by following this link. Just insert your address and find out what days to take out your bags.

 It is important to know that leaving your waste out on the wrong day or not recycling properly (putting glass in the bags, for example) can lead to fines from 62.5 € to 625 €.

So, do the right thing and recycle !

Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
Weekends on appointment