Frequently Asked Questions

We gather here your favourtie questions

Does it cost me anything to use your services?

You pay absolutely nothing.  In Belgium, the owner pays for the service.

What area should I choose to live in?

That really depends what kind of atmosphere you are looking for.  Brussels is small but full of variety when it comes to lifestyle. If you are looking for an animated area, choose some of the central neighbourhoods such as Saint-Gery, Sainte-Catherine or even the upcoming areas by the canal. Antoher option is the area around Toison d’Or and Place Stéphanie in the uptown.  All these areas are also well fed by public transport, in particular the metro.

If you are looking for a trendy but slightly quieter area, the Chatelain in Ixelles is very popular with its lovely restaurants and bars.  Merode in Etterbeek, although more quiet is a village style area with many shops and cafés as well as being next to the Jubileum Park if you are keen on a morning or evening jog.

The greener areas of Woluwe, Boitsfort, Auderghem are popular with families.  Do not exclude Saint-Gilles and Scharbeek.  These are beautiful old communes where you can find amazing properties in beautiful townhouses.

I know I have to put down a deposit. How much is this and what is it for?

The guarantee’s purpose is to cover any damage caused by the tenant during the duration of the stay or if the latter does not abide to rental termination clauses.

The guarantee has 2 main forms
  • a 2-months rent blocked deposit account (money is kept on a bank account in the name of the tenant for the entire duration of the contract) or
  • a bank guarantee (3 months  rent maximum) where no money is blocked but the bank is guarantor for the amount.

The first option is the most common.  By no means give cash to the owner as a deposit.

I’ve heard about the surveys / inventories of the apartment. Is this really necessary?

This document is a detailed description of the state in which the property is found when the tenant moves in.

There are different ways of proceeding, It can

  • either be drawn up between parties or
  • with an expert (cost is commonly split between parties).

The inventory must be detailed and in order to be valid must be drawn up jointly by both parties, signed and dated.  The state of the property will be checked at the tenant’s departure to check that no damage has occurred during the stay.

The inventory is compulsory.

I am confused about what to do with the garbage. What are the different bags and where do I buy them?

There are 3 different types of bags

  • The white bags are for all types of litter
  • The blue bags are for recycling PMC (metalic cans, Tetra-Pack and plastic bottles)
  • The yellow bags are for paper and cardboard

You can purchase these bags in all supermarkets.  For more information and pick-up days, read our article concerning Garbage Collect

What about street parking? Do I have to pay?

In most areas, you have to pick up a resident’s card at the townhall which will allow you to park in your area free of charge.

It is important to bring along a proof of residency in order to receive the resident parking card.

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